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A.G.I. supports the troops, the families and all Coalition Forces who are currently serving in Iraq and elsewhere over seas and across the World.DEDICATED>To Mathew, Kevin, and Kris, God speed and our thoughts are with you always.
Mathew safely returned home after 1yr.
Currently awaiting the safe arrival home of Kris who has approx. 1 month left of his 1 yr tour.

The 9 you see us wearing
signifies our support for
a friend whom is currently
serving in Iraq we are behind the
9 like we are behind him
A.G.I. The Pack Hunters
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Welcome to The Pack
If your here to Challenge AGI
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It is a good day to Die
Out of courtesy
You can Die 1st
AGI Servers:
9HatchetAGI  DSL -TFD/DF2,
TheDenAGI or 9RoDent  DSL - J.O.,
ThePulpit or 9Prea}{> DSL - J.O.,
 9Lets Rock <$tarbuck>CABLE - J.O.,
9Knight CABLE
and 9Dante DSL

AGI is made up of people from different age groups, cultures, and nations.  Even though we come from different reference points, we are a tight-knit group.  We play, learn, fight and relate to each other as a pack.  Few groups of people go by a well-defined code of conduct and honor these days. AGI is one of those who do.  We value civil conduct, mutual respect, fair play,  contribution, loyalty, and honor.  We demand these things of each other and we tolerate no attack on any of these from within or from outside forces.  We fight under many flags.  We are bound by our shared values.


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